5-Year-Old Loses All His Limbs in a Dare–24 Years Later He’s Hired to Do Something Doubters Called “Impossible”

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Pratap was just 5 years old when he went to follow through on a dare that ended up costing him all of his limbs. One of his friends bet him that he couldn’t hold an iron rod to an electric fence, the act severed his hands and his feet. It was 10 years after his accident before he finally grew up the courage to leave home. That fear is long gone now as he not only leaves his house for work every day but also makes a good living  and is completely independent.

The now 29-year-old graduated college with a degree in finance and received his MBA. Physically he has his difference from many people but that doesn’t keep him from performing tasks we’re all familiar with. He even admits he loves the look on people’s faces when they see him accomplish something THEY thought was impossible.

Raja is always smiling despite the fact that he lost all his limbs at the age of 5

The only thing that seems impossible for the accountant is frowning. That wasn’t always the case though, during the ten years he didn’t leave home he definitely had his struggles:

I would stay in my room. My father felt embarrassed to call me in front of guests. He considered me a burden and good for nothing.

If he got sick doctors came to the house, if he needed clothes someone would come to the house and make them for him. He learned by studying books and got around by crawling which ended up ripping his skin off over time. Now he walks and even types and can write!

Raja at his desk at ONGC, where he can efficiently work on the computer as well

Once he finished high school he was given a scholarship to go to school, now that he’s graduated he actually gives scholarships to disabled students.

Raja can walk without assistance and also take any public transport like the bus, train or plane

Even though he got his degree, finding a job was another issue. Many people were willing to interview him but once they saw he had disabilities they refused to believe he could perform the daily tasks that would be required of him.

Once someone gave him a chance the rest was history. “He never feels awkward, he is self-made and never fails to do work assigned to him.” One of his colleagues said.

Having mastered the art of writing without fingers, he has formed a beautiful handwriting nonetheless!

His courage is amazing, his determination is amazing, even his handwriting is amazing! Even his attitude makes you want to work harder in your own life:

“Assign me any work; I am capable of doing all of them. I don’t need sympathy of people. Treat me normally and I will love it. I wish that people and society treat disabled with respect and accept them.”

Today, Raja stands tall as a self-reliant man. He in fact supports others in need.

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