Teacher Promises to Do Something Crazy if Student in Juvi Graduates–3 Years Later He Kept That Promise

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We all have the opportunity to accomplish the impossible but the reality is that we can’t do it alone. This highschool graduate proves that with this beautiful post he made to his teacher from the County Juvenile Detention Center.

“This is Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is the teacher at Skagit County Juvenile Detention Center. When I was 15 and in school in the Juvie, somehow, someway, the conversation came up that he has been to graduations for past inmates with pizza and other crazy stuff. I told him he needed to come to my graduation in a dress! He laughed and said, ‘Cesar I’ll even jump up and down and say that’s my son!’ I simply said OK and went on with my day. I never went back to Juvie. Almost 3 years later (yesterday) I called him and gave him the news. Mr. Brown kept his word like a real man would and showed up in a beautiful dress! With his wife behind the camera, I thanked them for coming and showing me love. Against all odds I made if from Emerson back to the High School and graduated with only 5 1/2 credits starting junior year!! Anything is possible if you try!”


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