Horrifying Picture Leads to the Greatest Relationship for This College Grad

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It was almost 20 years ago when Peter Getz first met Josi Aponte and it wasn’t exactly under the best circumstances. Peter was working as a police officer and responded to call that an apartment building had caught fire. By the time he arrived on scene the building was engulfed in flames with 5-year-old Josi still inside.

By the time the firefighters found Josi she didn’t have a pulse. Peter refused to give up, grabbed Josi from the firefighters and carried her to his car. As he was doing that someone snapped this terrifying picture:


Peter began to do CPR on her in the back of his patrol car while a colleague drove them to the hospital. Josi started breathing again just as they pulled into the ER. Unfortunately her uncle, who she was living with in the apartment building, passed away in the fire.

Since the fire, Peter has remained a figure in Josi’s life, following her progress in school and periodically checking in with her to see how she’s doing. Just recently Josi received her diploma from Eastern Connecticut State University and of course, she demanded that Peter was there.


“There are only a few moments that are so important in life,” Josi said. “I wanted to share my graduation with everyone who’s important to me, who have been there for me, and who helped me through tough times.” Proof that all of our greatest accomplishments in life are accompanied by the greatest people in our life.

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