10 Apps You Need Before You Leave for Seminary

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In the same way a mechanic completes training with a set of tools in his possession, so too should the Seminary graduate have a full toolbox. While new apps are being developed daily, there are several that have already passed the test of time and are considered essential for anyone in ministry.

Ranging from ministry-specific to simply practical, here are ten apps you need before you leave for Seminary (in no particular order):

1. Any.Do

This task list app keeps you on schedule across multiple devices. Where your father may have used a day-timer, Any.Do provides all the calendar functions and much more – keeping you on schedule and prepared for your future obligations as well. Never forget a deadline, appointment or scheduled task with this free app for IOS, Android and Chrome (extension).

2. Evernote

The highest rated app for note-taking. The ability to sort and organize your notes (making them available for a variety of assignments) is a key feature of this app which is available for IOS and Android. With fewer spiral notebooks (or composition books!) going to classes each year in favor of electronic devices, Evernote is an effective replacement for pen and paper. It is available for IOS, Android and Windows.

3. Day One Journal

Even if you don’t journal regularly, this is a great app for capturing momentary ideas (or prayer requests). It will sync your entries to the cloud for retrieval on your other devices (so you can recall that great idea you had on your walk when you get back to your desk!). This app won an Apple Design Award in 2014.

4. Dropbox

The ability to collaborate and share your efforts within a project gets much easier with Dropbox. As an online document sharing program, you and your peers can work independently on a common project on independent schedules. It is also a good backup source for all of your work (avoiding the heartache of lost data). Dropbox is available for IOS and Windows.

5. Downcast

The description for this “podcast catcher” app says it is designed to allow the user to “Download and listen to your favorite podcasts directly from your iOS device without the need to sync with iTunes.” Much time is saved with this app available for IOS only.

6. Bible!

By Logos, this free app is essential for word study, statistical data (e.g. how often does this word appear in scripture?) and viewing the information side-by-side with the Bible passage. Multiple translations are included as well as Old and New Testament summaries for your convenience.  If that weren’t enough, it also includes Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening” for you own personal devotions. Bible! is available for IOS and Windows.

7. Kindle

Because so many authors are producing e-books as an alternate media to capture more readers, this free reader app is a must-have for every student. Kindle also allows access to other media files (news, periodicals, etc.) online. The reader is available as a free download (do you do not have to purchase an actual Kindle device to access Kindle content). It is user-friendly and its versatility and usefulness make it a required tool for anyone who can read.

8. Dictionary.com

You need this app – period. Available for IOS and Android, it is the best, most complete source of definitions currently available in one location. Offline access prevents the need to use your data when you aren’t on your network (during those study times at the park) and the price is in everyone’s budget (free!). Your vocabulary may be expansive, but you will encounter words that are unfamiliar to you; this is a necessity for your writing and reading assignments.

9. MyFitnessPal

The stereotypical college student’s diet includes pizza, fast food and ramen. This app may have been created for the weight-loss market, but the real-life applications are broader than that. Counting calories and carbs is easy with the pre-sorted sources and categories, and you are able to track your intake (and type of intake) to get an idea of how good your diet really is. Study can distract you from making good choices for your body’s fuel; this app will provide valuable feedback to help you stay strong and healthy in order to reach your life goals. The app is available for IOS, Android and Windows.

10. Mint

Mint is a financial management tool designed to give you control over your financial health. While most students are not wealthy (or even financially stable), this is the perfect time to get a handle on money management before it’s too late. From credit tracking to reminders to pay bills, Mint provides guidance for budgeting and financial planning. This free app is available for IOS, Android and Windows.

This list is by no means exhaustive – because of the ever-expanding world of apps for business, school and personal assistance, there are many, many more effective apps that you will find and use, but this is a good place to start.

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