5 Benefits for Busy Moms to Go Back to School

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Moms are superheroes. I say this because I know quite a few. We all do. They take care of tiny humans until they grow to be big humans, and even after that. It’s pretty amazing. Moms also have big dreams, some of which might include a college degree. Still, they usually put those dreams on the backburner for those tiny humans, who can require a lot of time and work. If you’re a mom thinking about heading back to school, I’m here to tell you this: Do it. Go back to school. Make it a priority. It’s possible. There are so many benefits to getting your degree, but we’ll just start with five.

1. It’s a chance to re-discover yourself

Somewhere between the aisle of diapers and the cheerios stuck between couch cushions, you lost a part of yourself. Of course, being a mom also opened you up to parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. But inside of you is the girl who crowd-surfed at a music festival, even if you haven’t seen her in a while. Going back to school will give you a space for self-discovery. You’ll take classes you love and classes you don’t love. You’ll have time to think abstract, big picture thoughts. You’ll see the world, even if it’s within four walls of a classroom or from the screen of your laptop. The parts of you that never truly disappeared will surface, and you’ll realize you missed the girl who loved Shakespeare. Now, you’ll have an excuse to read him.

2. You’ll learn the art of balance

Some moms are organized. They’ve got the dry-erase board calendar filled with the entire family schedule—baseball games, mealtimes and food plans included. Structure is their life. Then there are the not so organized moms. Tuesday might mean drive-thru on the way to the soccer practice they forgot about, with a kid wearing one shin guard because the other is lost in the chaos. The perfect place to be if you’re going back to school? Somewhere in the middle. For the ultra-organized, it’s going to be a season of compromise. You might have to eat fast food and you might miss a soccer practice or two. It’s okay. For the not so organized, you’ll have to start using the blank calendar. Try and keep track of who needs to be where at what time. Winging it won’t be an option. It’ll be a growing period, no matter who you are. Try and find that balance, the middle ground. You’ll be the better for it.

3. It’s helpful in a career post-kids

Right now you can’t imagine a house without Doc McStuffins on the TV or Legos greeting you in the doorway. There will come a day, however, when the house will be quiet. The Legos will be collecting dust in the attic, and you’ll have more time on your hands than you know what to do with. Those years of performing the most important job you’ll ever know will be memories. Your kids will grow. When that time comes, you don’t want to be the helicopter parent posting Facebook throwback photos of your son in diapers. The best option is to find a job, one that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Making the return to the workforce won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. That college degree you earned through night classes and online courses will help with the transition.

4. You’ll inspire your kids

No matter how old your kids are, they’ll be proud of you. They might express it in a card, or in a not so flattering crayon portrait, depending on their age. It’s an important lesson they won’t forget. Despite having an already full plate, you took on what seemed impossible. You put in overtime hours and then some. You lived on coffee. You graduated. Aren’t you supposed to model out the qualities you want your kids to have? Well, going back to school and getting a degree teaches them about hard work, perseverance, and a can-do attitude no matter what life throws at them.

5. You’ll inspire yourself

I could list many reasons for you to go back to school, but there is one reason above all others. Go back to school for yourself. Inspire yourself. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you can do it—and you did do it. At some point you’ll think the dream is impossible, but then you’ll graduate. You’ll get a degree and it’ll feel like you conquered the impossible. And you did, sort of! I mean, you kept children fed and happy, you found the long lost pair for the missing sock, and you passed Human Biology. If that’s not conquering the impossible, I don’t know what is. The biggest benefit to getting your degree is the confidence you’ll gain. Let the superwoman in you shine.


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Paige Dinneny is a recent graduate of Biola University. Born and raised in Southern California, she currently lives in Long Beach and is now pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction at Cal State Long Beach. Her days are filled with many jobs including social media marketing, retail and this! She spends her free time writing, watching the Game Show Network and going to concerts.