When God Told This College Student, “You Are My Hands”—She Knew Exactly What to Do

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Meet Sarah. She’s a student, a cat-lover, a barista and a child of God.

When Sarah encountered a deaf woman at Starbucks, her heart broke at her own inability to communicate with the lady who was clearly lost on her verbal jargon. Sarah’s favorite part of being a barista was chatting with the customers and diving into the intricacies of their lives over the mixing of lattes.

The language barrier hit her like a brick wall—so she decided to do something about it.

From that moment on, she made it her mission to learn the beautiful art and culture of “sign” that so many in modern society have ignored as being a real language. God instilled a clear calling in Sarah to minister to the deaf community when He told her through a pastor’s message, “You are [My] hands.”

We don’t always take that literally, but Sarah did. And now she’s bringing His voice to the deaf community in a way that is certainly a sweet sound in His ears.

What is God calling you to do to reach others with his powerful message of love, forgiveness and acceptance through Christ?

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