This Homeless 4.0 High School Student Just Graduated College, and You Need to Hear What He Has to Say About Life!

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Kenneth Chancey spent his high school career sleeping on buses and passed drug dealers on his way to school. Instead of giving up, he went on to graduate with a 4.0 GPA as well as being a three sport athlete. His work ethic carried on into college where he just graduated with a degree in political science. He’s already had multiple job offers, which he is putting off so that he can volunteer at an Inner-City Arts Camp.

“I climbed here bare-handed,” Chancey said, “And yes it was harder than most people who are given resources, parental support. But it’s not impossible.”

He’s been homeless since he was 11 and he even “slept on the 4 bus to downtown, to Santa Monica, and then back to downtown, and that still makes me emotional now, but no one should have to experience that. That’s the hard part.”

No matter what trials or struggles you face on the journey toward your degree—remember Kenneth’s story and never quit!

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